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Everything was fine for the past several years until they upgraded my account to the new system or servers. I first lost complete access to a service I recently signed up for and was in the middle of using, the Full Version of Website Creator, also known as WSC.

I had already built half a website with this program and now cannot complete or continue working on my project making me look very bad with a good client of mine. During the first week they were actually doing the upgrade and the website specifically told me so whenever I would try to change anything on any of my services. I accepted and waited it out. Then the upgrade was completed and I no longer even had the WSC icon option on my control panel.

I called and opened a service ticket # 2391745. I called several times over the next few days and each time I was promised that someone would contact me or at least email me an update on the status of the ticket. This never happened even once. Finally after about a week they were able to get the icon back up on my control panel, but now I was unable to login to the program.

It would give me an error everytime I would click on administer. I of course called again and told them about this issue. I informed them that I have tried logging in from several computers, using different Internet Browsers, different Operating systems, all with different anti-viruses, and even from different networks and physical locations. Again I was promised that someone would contact me.

Several days go so I call them again tell them that I still cannot login. They tell me that they cannot reporduce the issue on their end and have basically stopped working on the problem. This is where I started to get angry and asking why nobody contacted me to let me know this earlier so we could continuing taking the next steps in resolving the issue. I felt that because their absolute lack of communication several days have been lost causing this ticket and issue to continu longer than it needs to be.

Yesterday they had me take a print screen of my PC with the error that I am receiving even though I already told them exactly when and what it says. I did this, BUT this time I demanded to speak with a supervisor. At first Joan would not get one, then she told me that they were all in a meeting and could not come to the phone. I had her specifically promise me that one of them would call me back after the meeting and before the end of the day.

This of course never happened. Then again, nobody contacted me in anyway this morning either. I worte another email to Joan, and still no response from anybody. I have been making my living as an IT guy for the last 13 years and deal with hundreds of support depts from big to small from all around the world.

I give technical support myself to my clients. It is or should be standard company procedure to at least stay in contact with the customer or at least give him a way to be updated on an open ticket besides having him always needing to call you. At what point does continuing to break a promise to contact me become a lie. I own over 42 domains and several hosting packages with Aplus for the last several years and no feel a total lack of respect from Aplus.

I am keeping my promise to Aplus and Joan that if I did not hear back from a supervisor beforfe the end of the day ysterday I would start an online campaign of letting everyone know how dissappointed and unsatisfied I have been recently with Aplus.Net and so that it what I am doing now and everyday until this issue is resolved.

Review about: Web Hosting And Website Creator Program.

Monetary Loss: $500.



October 2, 2013

APLUS.NET changed its DNS addresses without redelegating assignment to the domain registrar. This knocked our website off the internet.

Most responsible hosts do this automatically.

It's time to dump APLUS.NET since they don't do their job!


I am very sorry to hear of these issues. We take your posts very seriously and commit to working with you directly to, first, resolve any of your outstanding issues, and second, make certain your feedback is recorded and fully understood.

I would like our customer relations manager to contact you personally. To ensure we connect, can you please send an email to customer.relations@cs.aplus.net with your account number and preferred contact number or email?


I was very happy with APlus.net for many years, but now they have been bought out by a huge corporation and you combine that with them being overwhelmed with thier server upgrades and transferring everything over to one system thier customer service has gone downhill. Like I said they never called me back or even escalated my case, and it took them basically 2 months before finally resolving my case.

What worked for me was when I complained to the BBB. The lady that was assigned to my BBB case over at Aplus was really nice and fought for me. She even ended up calling the CEO directly and speaking to him about my case. My issue was mentioned at least twice during weekly company meetings which involved all the top dogs, and only then was my issue dealt with seriously, the way it should of been originally.

I mainly use them for Domain names (over 50 of them now), and my issue ended being with part of the two minor hosting plans that I do have them for only because of some specific reasons. I use and have been completely happy with www.stretchedpixel.com for 99% of my hosting needs and if your looking I would highly recommend checking them out.

Anyways, get your thoughts and notes together and try the BBB, thats what worked for me. Good Luck!


Aplus.net is the worst hosting company I've ever used. Anyone who has had a problem with them that involves false claims should file a complaint with the FTC.

The BBB - not so sure about them as member companies pay the BBB and I believe it influences the ratings. I am now taking my case to court.


I filed a false advertising complaint with the FTC about APLUS.net

They advertise they support AJAX on their UNIX plans. NOT!!!!

Consider filing with BBB or similar. If enough people complain, it will cause APLUS.net pain.

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